Located on the banks of the Mangawhai estuary this home was conceived as a response to the patterns of flow prevalent in the estuary itself.

Winner of Home Magazine Awards Rural Home of the Year
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Mangawhai Estuary Home

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The site borders a public walkway that winds along the edge of the estuary. The public and private realms have no distinct boundaries and conversations with passersby are welcomed by the homeowners.

The plan reflects our desire to echo the dynamic nature bought about by the tides. The resulting shapes and textures are a conceptualisation of movement in and around the internal courtyard which forms the heart of this home.

The materials selected reflect the surrounding landscape. The brick speaks to the warm colours in the sand dunes which are a predominant feature of the view across the estuary. The dark weatherboards were drawn from the bark of the Pōhutukawa trees that line the coast. We used the play of solidity and fluidity to create a harmonious retreat for the occupants.

Lines of sight and shafts of light are choreographed to make the most of important axes emanating outwards from the central courtyard.